• What is the minimum number of people per order?


 The minimum for a cake or for any order is 4 people.

  • Should I place my orders in advance?

You should place your order 48h before the date of the order. FOr the tailored menu as soon as you can is better because we could have a delay to orders fresh ingredients from the farm/market…


  • Do you make custom buffets/menus?

We only create customized menus and buffets with the customer’s request. We want to adapt to your requirements to guarantee a maximum satisfaction. 

  • Do you do catering service for all types of events?

Yes of course! We just need to get as mush as informations you can provide to us (Date of the events, number of people, allergies, diet requirements...)

  • Do you have a predefined list of menus/buffets/cakes?

Unfortunately no because we do only custom buffet/menus/cakes, but we can give your tastes, ingredients favourites 


  • Where do your raw materials come from?

-> For the meat, our supplier is: FARMISON.CO.UK 

-> For the fish, we only serve us in Billinsgate market in Canary Wharf 

  • Do you use industrial to make your cakes?

We use only fresh ingredients, nothing it’s frozen. Depending to the taste and choice of the customer we use food coloring for the cake or dishes. We don’t buy fruits coulis or preparation already made. Everything is hand-made with a lot of love. 

  • Do you make dishes (vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free/Halal/Kasher…?)

Yes, of course.


  • Do you make home deliveries? 


  • Who makes the delivery? 

We use the Bolt Service.

  • Do you deliver outside of London?

Unfortunately no, otherwise the delivery will be more expensive. What we advise you, in this case, is to pick it up in the kitchens.


  • how to contact us? 

By Email/Instagram/Facebook/Phone

  • Do you have a physical restaurant/café?

Not yet! :)